Our Clients

"I have had the pleasure of working with GG for the past several months as she represents our SunButter brand in PR. She has an always on, high energy approach and is driven for results. Her desire for success and commitment to the brand to drive awareness is solid. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for PR in a brand marketing mix."

Justin LaGosh

Managing Director at SunButter LLC

GG is the consummate PR professional that you want on your team. She is extremely passionate about the brands that she represents and is able to look at various angles to promote your product. She was able to elevate our brand and secure extensive media coverage as we launched our new Orbit Label 2.0 product. I'm so thankful that we were able to connect!

Brenda Lee Feldman

Founder, InchBug

"In business, people brag about ‘exceeding expectations.’ It is rare, indeed, to find a company that actually walks their talk on this one. GG Benitez personifies consistent over-delivering. Within the first week of working together, GG was securing multiple hits for our brand. Her amazing work ethic challenges us to keep up with all of the wonderful opportunities she shares with us daily! Again, it is rare for a company to maintain high energy and deliver great results over time, NOT JUST IN THE FIRST FEW MONTHS. I recommend GG wholeheartedly. As long as she has a PR business and she will have us we will be honored to be her client."

Laura Katleman

Founder, BHU Foods

"GG’s energy is infectious and I fell in love with her instantly upon meeting her. The energy comes from a true passion and belief in her clients and she has been my go-to rep in the parenting and lifestyle space for several years now. She understands what editors need while still staying true to her client’s mission and purpose, which is why I have worked with her time and time again. She is creative, dependable, and never misses a deadline. GG is a joy to work with!”

Bethany Braun-Silva

Parenting Editor

"Working with GG has leveled up my business in ways I never thought possible! Her follow through, strategic thinking, and hustle is unlike anyone else I’ve ever worked with. I love how quick and responsive she is to all my questions.”

Kelly Horton-Beeman

Founder, FACES SkinGym & gllo BEAUTY

"There are two ways I have experienced GG in the world. The first is as my publicist. I loved being able to say that! I felt confident and cared for knowing that I could go to her for advice, to handle any of my public relations, to hook up a meeting or opportunity that I dreamed up, and to bring her ideas to me. The second way I know GG is as a friend. After years of working together, we naturally became lifelong friends. GG is one of those people who is so genuine, warm, fun, and just oozes brilliance. There's a calmness to her power that has you leaning back and trusting that wherever she takes you will be impactful. I loved working with GG and highly recommend her services and her friendship.”

Nichole MacDonald

CEO, Sash Group

"I had the privilege of meeting and working with GG when Avery/CCL acquired one of her clients, Mabel's Labels. I have worked with many PR agencies in my career, but GG really stands out for her passion for her clients and their brands; her can-do attitude; her creativity; and her ability to continually learn and adjust her programs and efforts where needed based on new information. GG's energy is infectious and her results are top notch. Working with GG is not simply a transaction but rather a deep partnership from which we have truly benefitted. “

Allison Phillips

VP Strategic Business Development at CCL Industries

"GG does amazing work. She is very professional and has great connections. Our brand got a ton of press from her work."


CEO of VitaCup

"GG was such a joy to work with on my daughter’s nursery. She was fast, efficient, and so lovely to talk to. Super professional, but at the same time a doll and very like-able."

Joanna Krupa

Model & Actress

"It has been my absolute pleasure to work with GG and her amazing Boutique PR Firm. GG has supported my personal brand as well as my business and was able to secure multiple major news outlets for me, including local news channels in LA, San Diego, Nashville and most recently the Home and Family Show on the Hallmark Channel! GG has truly exceeded my expectations. GG is passionate, a go-getter, and truly looks out for you and your team. Thank you for all you do, GG!"

Amy Lacey

Owner/Founder of Cali’flour Foods

"GG is a joy to work with – not only does curate creative and productive connections and brand expansion opportunities, but she such a positive light in this world! She’s thoughtful, consistently energetic and professional. Love, love, love me some GG!"

Sherri Saum


"I love working with GG because she underpromises and overdelivers. She is highly communicative so you know how much work she is putting in on your behalf. She is worth every single penny!"

Cayla Craft

Founder of The Mommy Millionaire, Top-Selling Author, Entrepreneur, & Speaker

"There's so much I could say about GG, from always being there and doing exactly what she says she can to always proving how honest and loyal she is, which means more to me than any great connection she has. My family and I appreciate GG and hope to continue working together in the future."

Jessica Hall

TV/Radio Personality, Entrepreneur & Blogger

"What can I say? GG saved my sanity. She came through on so many connections and products for our son Davis. We are completely grateful for her and her team. All the companies she works with are amazing products like the Evolur crib and dresser, which we are in love with. Thank you, GG, for ALL that you do for this new mom."

Brianne Davis & Mark Gantt


"GG Benitez is rockstar! She’s extremely professional, prompt, and really takes care of people. She might even answer emails faster than I do, which I consider a real talent! Ha! Overall, I can’t say enough good things about working with her and I’m so grateful for everything she’s done for us!"

Ali Fedotowsky-Manno

Former “Bachelorette”

"Simply put, GG is an EXPERT in her field and gets fantastic results. GG is astute, thoughtful, strategic, responsive, and effective – in other words, she totally gets it. I was surprised by the amount and quality of the media coverage she was able to generate for my start-up business. GG has extensive contact list and an even bigger knowledge base. It you want to improve your business, GG PR is an absolute must!"

Shireen Thor

CEO of Maria Shireen

"Not only is GG professional and totally fantastic at her job, she also happens to be one of the loveliest people on the planet!"

Marla Sokoloff

Actor, Director, & Writer

"GG and her team were absolutely professional and energetic throughout our whole partnership. She took the time to understand our products and brand messaging, and she helped us to better understand the PR world that she so strongly knows and loves to work within. It is obvious that she authentically cares about her work and building solid business relationships, and it completely shows through the many professional connections she has developed (and continues to develop day after day)."

Mark & Ann Bongiorno

Owners of TruSelf Organics

"Working with GG has been such a pleasure. She understands my brand and is so respectful with everything; not to mention she’s a blast to work with. I always get excited to see a message from her and look forward to many more opportunities together. I also love working with powerful and strong women!.
Photography by Spantman."

Jana Kramer


"I'm so grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know and work with GG. She brings a bright, positive energy and unparalleled work ethic to every situation. I have so much respect for the way she balances and handles every task with such grace. She is a true professional, in every sense of the word and a pleasure to work with."

Meghan Linsey

#1 Billboard Artist, CMA Nominee, & Songwriter

"GG is a one-of-a-kind publicist who’s extremely knowledgeable in the business and won’t stop fighting for her clients. Her passion, dedication, and authentic connections is what has made her and her clients so successful. But what makes GG special is her genuine compassion for others – she truly cares about the people she works with. We can’t thank her enough for her hustle in getting us some huge celebrity placements."

Ashley Collins

USANA Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations

"GG Benitez is one of the most thoughtful publicists I know. She is so good at her job because she takes her relationships very seriously and loves to connect people in her life in just the right way. She is also just a great person and friend."

Natalie Morales

Today Anchor & Access Hollywood Host

"GG was wonderful to work with! What first stuck me about GG was how personable she is- essential in PR. GG has a tremendous personal drive that is evident when you meet her. She is extremely responsive, getting back to me on emails and calls generally within minutes. GG has good relationships and this is due in large part to her personality and professionalism."

Shelby Rideout

Creator/Owner of Bright Signs Learning

"GG’s team uses so much creativity and work ethic to keep our pitches fresh, consistency creating new strategies to stay ahead of the PR game. Her media and celebrity relationships are priceless for a small business like ours. We’ve seen great results working with the GG Benitez PR team, and highly recommend them for anyone looking to create publicity and overall awareness for their brand."

Jeff and Emily

Co-Founders of Fayfaire

"In working with GG Benitez PR, we have discovered that GG and her team will work tirelessly to make your interests look professional, your image far reaching, and your life filled with opportunity. She has a strong work ethic, creative ideas, significant relationships with key media, and has provided me with great media results. GG Benitez PR is well worth the investment."

Erin Oprea

USANA Fitness Ambassador & Celebrity Trainer; Author of The 4x4 Diet

"GG is an amazing publicist -- she has no problem getting her clients big time exposure. She has a genuine wonderful spirit that makes clients happy to work with her. If GG is your publicist...you can bet your bottom dollar you'll get some press!! She is one of my favs...up with story angles that make my job easier. I always enjoy any interaction with her. She's truly a dedicated professional who works tirelessly for her clients."


Executive Producer at ABC Television "The View"

"Are you looking for a PR agency? STOP LOOKING! You just found it. GG Benitez is a real PR professional, who perfectly understands the business and uses her experience to effectively grow your brand recognition. If GG takes you as a client she will get fully committed and wholeheartedly engaged and will work tirelessly to push your brand through traditional media outlets, online channels and celebrity endorsements. Launching a new brand is never easy, and there are so many "professionals" out there who will use all the right buzz words and make you believe they will take you to the moon.... GG will never do that - she will work hard to make your dreams come true, but will never make false promises and will always keep you with two feet on the ground. GG is not only hard-working, but also loyal and honest and this unique combination is what makes her trustworthy! Trust her and on the way to the moon, you will definitely hit some shining stars!!!"

Gill Goshen

Founder & CEO of AIDIA

"Everything about GG turned out to be such a blessing. I'm an extremely busy working mom and GG worked around my schedule and took care of everything flawlessly. The welcome party for my new baby was an event my friends are still talking about and she introduced me and my daughters Harper and Emerson to some wonderful child-related products. If you want it done right, GG Benitiez PR is definitely the way to go."

Shonda Rhimes

Executive Producer of “Grey's Anatomy,”

"GG Benitez is the first and last publicist we will ever work with. We hit the jackpot on our first try! After being booked on the Today Show within our first six months, GG has continued to steadily generate national media attention to our book and website. She is a woman I admire, respect and sometimes envy! Picture the energizer bunny: but petite, gorgeous and olive-skinned. She has always had our best interest at heart and has helped us learn how to brand ourselves to increase our marketability. Please don’t hire GG! We want her all to ourselves! ;)"

Joanie Demer and Heather Wheeler

Founders of The Krazy Coupon Lady

"GG is a bull-dog! She won't stop until everyone is happy and she gets the results her client wants. She builds relationships with people and that is the key difference. Some publicists just ask & ask of the media, but GG creates relationships with give & take. We've had great results in a very short time-frame and I am loving her tenacity and energy."

Tricia Mumby

Vice-President of Mabel's Labels

"GG is a consummate professional - and she gets great publicity for the brands she looks after! We worked with GG for many years at Mabel's Labels - and my personal experience with her was around the launch and first two years of the Write Away! labeling brand. She worked diligently to get our product featured in many spots, including People Magazine. Her efforts definitely helped Write Away! to gain toehold in the marketplace and the overall brand coverage for Mabel's Labels helped retailers to understand our brand and how it worked. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a partner to help build your brand."

Julie Ellis

Mabel’s Labels Co-Founder

"GG Benitez is an absolute firecracker! She sets her mind to something and look out! GG is professional and a delight to work with. I can't imagine anyone else doing the PR for my business."

Julie Cole

Co-Founder/VP of Mabel's Labels Inc.

"It's my pleasure to write a recommendation for GG Benitez. GG has been managing PR for Mabel's Labels for over 6 years now and each year, we are simply amazed by the results she achieves. She is consistently landing us media hits which continue to position our brand as the leader in our category. She continues to demonstrate her ability to think out of the box by bringing new, fresh ideas to the table. GG is a team player and I truly feel she always has the best interest of our brand at heart! She has an exceptional work ethic, is dependable and fiercely loyal to the brands she represents.

Periodically we consider exploring other options in PR, but we know a great thing when we have it, and I personally can't imagine GG not being part of our team. Other PR firms have even gone so far as to tell us they don't know how she manages to get the press she gets for us! This speaks volumes about the value she brings to the brand. She never ceases to amaze me with the media attention she garners for us!"

Karma Bryan-Ingle

Brand Communications Manager of Mabel's Labels

"Crossing paths with GG has been such a blessing. She is incredible at what she does and we trust her wholeheartedly. She is classy, passionate and a rock star! We LOVE working with her and her firm!"

Mario and Courtney Lopez

"GG is a true pleasure to work with. Her warm spirit and passion for helping others in crisis is one of her greatest assets. GG is not only gracious and kind but she is always professional. My family and I will be forever grateful for her expertise and advice."

Phaedra Parks

Attorney to the Stars & RHOA

"I wouldn't hire GG if you don't want results, a punishing work ethic, sincere caring for the business and a never-say-die approach to big, hairy, audacious goals. She's a monster when it comes to performance! And, you actually have to tell her to slow down and breathe - a rare attribute in today's world of 'take, take, take.' GG is high energy, very conscientious, true to her word and giving. I hope to have her help me on ALL of my businesses from here on. You will not be disappointed. Just don't engage her services if you are looking for mediocre results."

Benoy Tamang

Digital Marketer

"As a Producer in this crazy entertainment business I get pitches from publicists all the time, and I can honestly say no one gives a better pitch and effort than GG Benitez. What's incredible about GG is her passion and persistence for the products she truly believes in. She always manages to come through by deadline, and she leaves no detail unturned. I cannot only call her a fabulous colleague, but I can call her a friend. If you haven't worked with her yet, you're truly missing out!"


Producer at The View

"GG is a force to be reckoned with. We brought her in on a short timeline- she not only performed, she knocked it out of the park. Her tireless energy, strategic mind, and enthusiasm is second to none. One of the best hiring decisions I have ever made."

Peter Mansour

Former General Manager at Microsoft

"GG Benitez PR has introduced me to amazing brands that have become my own personal favorites, while playing a role in making Liam and Stella’s birthday parties huge successes. GG is very professional and has great follow-through, and I always enjoy working with her."

Tori Spelling

Actress & Producer

"GG Benitez PR is an amazing agency that provides personalized services designed specifically for brand/product success. With exceptional experience with celebrity and media campaigns, they have the edge needed to increase visibility, create following, and take clients to the next level. With their expertise, DOM Family has experienced success in a very short duration. The task at hand was huge, with a lot of moving parts, and GG was able to understand the challenges and work around chaos to provide strategy and execute on multiple programs, simultaneously and seamlessly - like a well-orchestrated symphony in action. The agency was tested multiple times and has always delivered. Having worked with multiple PR firms in the past, none have come close to the passion, speed, enthusiasm and rigor with which GG PR operates. If you are looking for a PR agency to handle traditional and new age media relations, digital outreach to blogs and social “mom/parenting” communities, implement strategies without oversight, and operate within budget, look no further than GG. This firm has what it takes to make your company more successful in today’s consumer culture."

Avish Dahiya

DOM Family Brands, Featuring Evolur, Chief Marketing & Technology Officer

"GG's passion and energy for her work can literally light up a room. You can count on her giving a maximum effort because she genuinely cares about her clients, she is fully invested and hustles non stop. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her on our annual Aces In Action Charity Celebrity Basketball Game at STAPLES Center. Her rolodex of contacts enabled us to receive maximum exposure and press in major print & online publications highlighting the cause and our brand. We looking forward to working with GG on future projects and beyond business, I can honestly call her a friend. Did I mention she has a beautiful family?"

Brian Kortovich

CEO & Founder of ACES Apparel & ACES In Action

"I loved my experience of working with GG Benitez! GG and team were very professional and successful in getting us in front of the right influencers that cared about our company mission. GG cared about what we were trying to accomplish and through her passion, creativity and her endless contact list was able to provide the PR support that we needed at the right time. I look forward to new professional opportunities where I am able to engage her and her wonderful team again!"

Gene White

Finance & Operations Executive for Growth-minded SMBs

"GG Benitez is so passionate about the things that she loves, which makes working with her such a treat! We trusted her completely to handle the media for our baby shower, our baby's birth announcement, and more special events in our lives. My family and I are so grateful to her for introducing us to such incredible brands. I appreciate and love not only what GG does professionally, but who she is personally, as well."

Christine Lakin


"GG has the best energy and is a delight to work with! She is always available to collaborate and answer any questions I may have. She has connected me with wonderful companies and opportunities that have worked together to make my baby shower and nursery magical! I am so grateful for GG :)"

Amy Davidson


"GG is one of the most passionate, hardworking and hustling people I have ever met. She is extremely communicative and completely and "full out" invested in the success of the companies that she works with. Not only have I learnt a lot from working with her the past few months, but I now consider her a friend and an extension of our team."

Diana House

Founder of Tiny Devotions

"Momtrends is predicated at predicting trends. We have worked with G.G. Benitez and her firm for years and she has proven to be an exceptional resource for editorial ideas and a trusted partner with our influencer events. With over 500,000 moms visiting our website each day for ideas and inspiration, we're lucky to do business with G.G. Benitez."

Nicole Feliciano

CEO of Momtrends.com & TheShoppingMama.com

"GG is the best! She represents great clients and puts them in touch with the right clientele, including Alyssa, who has enjoyed learning about the various brands GG and her firm represent. GG is very dedicated and professional and just a lovely person to work with. Thanks GG!"

K. Kall

Executive Assistant to Alyssa Milano, Mother & Actress

"GG Benitez is professional yet really fun, a very hard worker yet hilariously funny, calmly relaxed yet super productive. She's a rare combo of unique skills and talents. If that weren't enough, she passionately loves her job, genuinely cares about her clients, and makes us feel excited about our growing business each time we speak. If you get the chance to work with GG, in any capacity, take it, you're lucky."

Debbie Zinman

Co-Founder of ECHOage.com

"GG is amazing to work with. She is kind, thoughtful, very fast at getting back to you and with such grace. She cares about each individual as if they were a best friend. GG makes work seem easy and never allows the stress to take over. I would recommend anyone to work with GG. I know it would be a pleasurable experience."


Senior Report at US Weekly; Formerly Director of Photo at E! news, EOL, & ENN

"GG is a PR force to be reckoned with! She is determined, enthusiastic, persistent, creative, smart and well connected to key contacts. These are just a few of the positive attributes that lead GG to consistently achieve relevant and powerful placements. She doesn't take no for an answer and will push herself until she finds a way to breakthrough. Hiring GG to help launch my parenting book, "Yell Less, Love More" was one of the best decisions I made. To boot, she is a blast and a pleasure to work with."

Sheila McCraith

Creator of The Orange Rhino Challenge to Yell Less and Love More One Moment at a Time

"We have loved working with GG from the start! She is a hard worker, very dedicated and knows the industry inside and out, oh, and she's an absolute pleasure to work with too! Whether it's giving us advice on the latest and greatest baby brands or handling press centered around our little one, she exceeded every expectation, and we trust no one else!"

Jenn Brown and Wes Chatham

Sports Broadcaster & TV Host, Actor

"GG is one of the most enthusiastic, passionate, on-the-ball PR execs I work with and I work with a lot as the publisher of an online magazine with a product focus. She's a tireless advocate for her clients, but also respects the boundaries and beats of the publishers she works with, and that balance is something I value greatly. In other words, she knows how to take no for an answer, but also knows when to push--just a little--or to offer us story ideas we hadn't considered. When I see GG's name pop up in my inbox, it's a guaranteed open."

Liz Gumbinner

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief at Cool Mom Picks & Cool Mom Tech

"Working with GG Benitez and her team is a true pleasure and absolutely effortless. She is always on-point and reliable, and she never runs out of fresh and creative ideas. She is truly passionate about her clients, and I always look forward to working with her."

Karly Klein

Editor at StrollerTraffic

"As a former Associate Producer for The Oprah Winfrey Show, we worked with top notch publicists but none made quite the impression that GG did. Simply put, GG is the best of the best. Her passion is undeniable and I am constantly amazed at her ability to instantly develop new relationships and go above and beyond for every single client. After ending my television career, I moved to San Diego to pursue my passion in photography. GG was the first person to welcome me with open arms and offer a helping hand in launching my new business. She developed a unique action plan that led to instant results and I'm incredibly impressed with her expertise."

Leigh Castelli

Former Oprah Winfrey Show Associate Producer & Owner-Leigh Castelli Photography

"GG is both incredibly dedicated and hardworking and also a truly lovely lady; a magic combination , and it has been a pleasure continuing to cross path".

Rosie Pope

Designer & TV Personality

"GG Benitez is the best among the best! She has played a crucial part in helping us find all the best and newest products for our baby girl. She is always striving for the best and providing the best to her clients. GG has become a friend to our family and we have the utmost respect and appreciation for all that she does!!"

DeAnna Pappas Stagliano

Former “Bachelorette ”, TV Host

"GG Benitez is my favorite publicist to work with! She's energetic, driven and passionate about the brands she represents. More importantly, GG is approachable, respectful and always on target. As a writer, I interact with many different publicists, but I can always count on GG to provide me with on-topic, helpful and creative information about her clients. She's always available to answer questions and eager to collaborate to ensure my readers know what's new and upcoming."

Amanda Morin

Writer & editor for About.com Kids' Learning Activities | PopSugar Moms contributor | Author of The Everything Kids' Learning Activities Book

"GG is at the top of her game. She only takes on those clients where she would succeed. And succeed she does! Simply put, GG delivers!"

Ilya Pozin

CEO of Open Me, Columnist for Inc, Forbes & LinkedIn, & Serial Entrepreneur.

"If you're looking for a rep who understands the nature of the PR business, look no further than the oh-so-charming GG. Not only does she have the ability, energy, and smarts to tout her clients well,but she also knows how to engage with editors to build solid relationships. Her persistence and determination are second to none, and she's a pro at what she does. GG is wonderful to work with, and I highly recommend her if you're looking for a PR rep with a positive attitude and a can-do spirit."

Irene Chang Kwon

Associate Editor at Working Mother magazine

"You will not find a publicist that’s more determined, passionate, creative, or media-savvy than GG Benitez. She is an incredibly genuine, reliable person and an absolute pleasure to be around. She understands how to connect with editors on a professional and personal level and works hard to ensure that we have exactly what we need on or before deadlines. I look forward to working with GG time and time again."


Senior Editor at Woman’s Day Magazine

"GG is such a pleasure to work with! She has introduced me to some of the greatest products on the market and she is always so generous to keep me posted when something “new” is on the rise! GG is always professional and gracious when we work together, and she is more than a publicist to me…she is someone that I can call a friend."

Molly Mesnick

The Bachelor

"GG Benitez and her firm have been a source of fun and fabulous products and people for my family and me. I am forever grateful for all she has done for us."

Melissa Joan Hart


"GG is a woman who makes things happen. I have never met someone with more producer endorsements, connections and drive. What makes her unique though is that she gets excited by what she is doing because she works with clients she believes in and that’s the best way to be authentic. She is powerhouse who is determined to wow everyone in her path. You want GG on your team, trust me!"

Sharon Vinderine

Founder & CEO of PTPA Media Inc., Global Morning Show Contributor, Huffington Post Blogger, & Morning Show Contributor on Fox & NBC.

"GG delivers! I have no idea how she manages to juggle so many balls and not drop one of them, but she does. GG makes me feel like I'm her top priority, and I have to imagine she does this for all of her clients. I feel fortunate to have GG on the team, and I count on her to make our consumer PR happen."

Jessica Shapiro

Director of Brand Communications at Zulily

"I have known GG for more than 7 years, and we have worked together on numerous projects , including utilizing her firm for PR services.GG's professionalism and follow through are unparalleled. Integrity and loyalty are very important in business, and that is something that she and I equally value. GG is what I like to refer to as 'lit from within,' which is a very rare quality. You will love her!!!"

Tracey Martin

Designer and Lifestyle Coach, Rebirth Style & Tracey Style

"GG Benitez PR has provided stellar results in a short amount of time. Working with GG has been easy, as she understands my objectives, and demonstrated that she has strong relationship with the media and influential celebrities that have helped obtain those PR objectives. She is extremely responsive, has strong follow through, a thorough knowledge of the consumer PR market, and was a perfect choice!"

Malinda Freitas Macari

Brand Manager at Stride Rite Children’s Group

"Since we retained GG Benitez PR, we have achieved tangible PR goals due to her results-oriented strategies, creativity and tenacity. GG has enabled us to successfully communicate and enforce the importance of Internet safety and our brands' suite of Internet protection tools and software. It has been a win-win and an all-around positive experience. I highly recommend GG Benitez PR."

Russ Warner

CEO of ContentWatch

"GG should stand for Golden Girl. She has turned me on to the gold-standard in children-related products, like Mabel's Labels. Thanks, GG."

Samantha Harris

Entertainment News Journalist & Emmy-Nominated TV Personality

"GG Benitez PR has been amazing in introducing me to so many incredible baby brands. Being so new to the mommy world has been at times overwhelming, but having GG guide me through has made the process so much easier. I am so grateful for GG's help and allowing me to focus on the important things, like spending time with Kenzie."

Beverley Mitchell Cameron


"GG Benitez & her team managed to stand out in a sea of emails from PR companies that flood my inbox everyday. She's always introducing me to the latest and greatest mom products, and her communication efforts are so personable. Best of all - when I give GG the green light - she does back flips to deliver in a timely manner. This is one hot marketing momma."

Megan Meany

Expert; Curator of MegansMustHaves.com, lifestyle inspiration for the modern woman, Contributor to: Today; CNN; Rachael Ray; Fox and Friends, & more.

"GG is such a great publicist to work with. She is passionate about what she does, has a great attitude, and follows through on what she promises. She was very easy to work with on our last shoot together."

Ashley Fultz

Fashion and Lifestyle Segment Producer

"GG Benitez & Associates PR is on my speed dial for whenever I need amazing stuff for a celebrity. They are the best in the business, and GG is one of the hardest working publicist that I know. She and her team work around the clock to make things happen and they deliver every time. I don't know how she does it, but GG always makes MAGIC happen."

Anya Sarre

Celebrity Stylist

"I put GG to the challenge, and let me tell you she delivered! Celebrity photo, check! Parents Magazine editorial placement, check! National and International media coverage, check! Top Blog reviews, check! Seriously, GG has generated so much press for Itzy Ritzy, we can hardly keep our press materials updated. One of the most significant benefits from the PR pieces that GG generates for our business, which has both business to consumer and business to business aspects, is that they offer a great touch point for our team to reach out to our buyers and key accounts. If you’re looking for a hardworking, driven, and enthusiastic publicist, GG Benitez PR is the way to go!"

Kelly Meyer Douglas

CEO of Itzy Ritzy

"GG’s work for Carousel Designs has been absolutely superb! She is exceptionally persistent and her overall work ethic is like no other. She never overcommits but consistently delivers results that match our business priorities. GG always strives to make her clients happy and will go above and beyond what other publicists will do. If you are looking for a person to help bring national exposure to your brand, you’ll want GG on your team. We’ve seen it firsthand! She is truly one of the most passionate professionals I’ve ever worked with."

Allan Sicat

Carousel Designs

"GG is one of the most persistent, dedicated, and hard-working individuals I know. We are incredibly fortunate to have her as part of our team."

Jonathan Hartley

Carousel Designs

"I have worked with GG on numerous occasions and always walk away happy. She is friendly and fun, enthusiastic and professional and I'd recommend her to any company looking to get ahead of the game!"

Trista Sutter

"As the senior editor at Celebrity Baby Scoop, I work with numerous PR reps. I have to say that GG Benitez is one of the best in the biz! Her kindness and authenticity shines through when working on any given project. And, you can always be sure to have prompt follow-up from GG. When you meet someone with true character in this business, it is noticeable. And, I'm pleased to say that GG definitely exceeds my expectations and always goes over and above the call of duty."

Jenny Schafer

Senior Editor at Celebrity Baby Scoop, the go-to celebrity parents news source with 1.5 million readers

"I have worked with GG Benitez on a few events, and she has also introduced me to some great mom and baby products. She is truly wonderful to work with, she has endless amounts of energy and pays attention to every details.she treats everyone like a celebrity so you're always well taken care of."

Garcelle Beauvais


"GG is always on top of it all, she always answers emails quickly which is a MUST in my line of work and she is very open and honest about what type of results you can expect to see from the get-go. Not only that, but GG is a wonderful woman, sincere and a pleasure to do business with!
With GG's help, I was able to gain National TV coverage within our first two months of working together! GG's knowledge of the business and her personal contacts in the industry have definitely helped Freebies2Deals.com grow and gain a larger audience. GG has a passion for PR like no one else and will definitely get you the exposure you are looking for!"

Melea Johnson

Owner of Freebies2Deals.com

"I've worked with GG Benitez PR on various events and media opportunities for her various clients. GG Benitez is a great publicist who knows how to promote her clients and build their visibility among the Hollywood mom crowd, while remaining sincere and courteous."

Nancy O’Dell

Hostess of "Entertainment Tonight"

"I have been working with GG Benitez for many years. GG is simply amazing at everything she does and she is such a pleasure to work with. She has excellent communication and follow up skills, and is one of the best publicists in the business!"

Julie Kenney

Owner of Jewels and Pinstripes

"As a blogger I have worked with GG when she has contacted me on behalf of her clients. As a manufacturer, I have admired her dedication, determination, and professionalism when representing those clients. It can be hard for brands to know how well their PR is really doing. After all, they are not on the receiving end of the press releases and pitches. It's illuminating to be in a position of being pitched. I can honestly say there are only a handful of PR people I would recommend. Some of GG's attributes that I admire: she is always positive; she always follows up; she makes good on her promises; she never gives up, but is not annoying; and she is always there with the info you need when you need it. If you are looking for a PR rep to get results, GG is a great choice. I'd hire her myself if it was in my budget. In the meantime, her pitches always get heard because I know I can count on her not to waste my time and to follow up with whatever I need to get the story out."

Ciaran Blumenfeld

Blogger & Mompreneur

"GG is absolutely amazing! She is the master of under promising and over delivering!!! Her energy rivals her loyalty and integrity as my favorite GG qualities. Passionate, aggressive and committed I LOVE working with GG!"

Ali Krebs

Owner of Posh Mommy Inc.

"GG has been a friend for years, I have seen firsthand how passionate she is about her clients and how hard she works for them. She has amazing follow through and most importantly she gets results. I am excited to work with her on the launch of the Hot Mom to be Handbook this spring!"

Jessica Denay

Hot Moms Club Founder & Author of the Hot Mom Handbook series.

"GG was my territory partner for 3 years at Forest Pharmaceuticals. She excelled at customer relationships and driving the business based on those relationships. Years after her departure, physicians and staff still remember and asked about her. Once you meet her, she's hard to forget as she has a quality that endears her to you based on her sincere interest in you and your business. I was fortunate to be her partner, and am honored to be her friend."

Monica Ross

Specialty Sales Representative at Forest Pharmaceuticals

"GG Benitez has been my invaluable PR consultant for 6 months. I really appreciate her many ideas, her honest communication, her energetic effort and her ability to make things happen. Coverage in CNS's Celebrity Nursery Trends - homerun! Whenever I ask GG to do a new task, the answer is immediate: On it!"

Anne Lillian Tveit

Occupational Therapist & Designer of the So-Ro Cradle

"GG is one of the most passionate, energetic and positive people I know! A true go getter! I absolutely love working with her. She gets the big picture and does not see difficult situations as obstacles but instead as opportunities."

Ali Landry

"GG Benitez is a rock star in the world of public relations, emphasis on both "rock" and "star." She is the "rock" I could keep on speed dial and completely rely on as a crazed morning show television producer. GG always came through for me with amazing talent and content. I never had to worry. She would exceed expectations. Her word is worth its weight in gold. That being said, she exemplifies the highest level of integrity, energy, creativity and professionalism, which make her a "STAR." Now that I work with GG in a different professional capacity, as a media trainer, I partner directly with her clients. I’ve found each one of them feels them same as I do about GG. They have shared the tangible growth from her PR and rave about her as a publicist and a person. Any business or media professional would be lucky to have GG on their team."

Nicole Prentice Williams

Media Specialist & Trainer

"GG is the consummate professional... knowledgeable, connected, courteous, enthusiastic and fun all rolled up into one petite powerhouse of a publicist! Thanks for everything, GG!"

Brooke Anderson

Co-Host of "The Insider"

"GG is a powerhouse PR gal. She has fantastic connections and tirelessly works to get results. I have never encountered a PR person with a better combination of chutzpah, charm, and can-do energy. In additional to all that, she is incredibly responsive - which is always appreciated."

Dabney Lawless

VP of Communications at Nextdoor

"GG showered our baby with gifts that felt like they had been specially sent by family and friends. The products she shared with my wife and me were fun and funky, cute and delicious. Best of all they arrived with a warm and personal touch that instantly made each brand a new favorite. She must be a great businesswoman, because from our perspective it never feels like she's doing busines."

Jim True-Frost

Actor (The Wire, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, etc.)

"GG combines personality and heart with a tenacity that's unparalleled. Her passion for PR is demonstrated through her willingness to collaborate on ideas that showcase her clients in a way that works for the PEOPLE.com audience. Her timely, tailored pitches, diligence and eye toward the entertainment news angles we strive for make her an exceptional colleague."


Staff Editor at PEOPLE.com

"I have been working with GG Benitez since 2005, when she started reaching out to me to cover her own brand of mommy and me clothing. I had appreciated her tenacity and follow through, and we instantly formed a solid friendship. I had actually been one of the first to encourage her to become a publicist, herself, based on her raw talent and true understanding of a brand’s needs and desires, while matching those with what an editor wants and needs in order to make a good story. Since she has started GG Benitez & Associates PR, I have been impressed with her continued professionalism, creativity, her team, and their success with helping create strong PR campaigns for their clients. She is truly one of the BEST in the business, and I am so proud of her professionally, and personally!"

Natalie Klein

Co-Owner of Hollywood Hot Moms & Hot Moms Club

"Since we first started working together, GG has always proved to be creative and on-point when bringing us the latest news for moms - she is a true professional in every sens."

Jennifer Moore

Chief Marketing Officer at Modernmom.com

"GG Benitez is a diligent PR pro - she never gives up and always has a new idea or strategy to achieve my goals. Her background in sales and as an entrepreneur gives her a great perspective. I would recommend her to businesses of any size who want to increase their profile."

Jennifer Marko

President of Bottle Snugglers

"GG is one of the most innovative and creative marketers I've ever met. Her innate ability to connect with people, combined with her passion and drive for the products she represents, makes her top in her field. I'd recommend her to anyone!"

Diane Nagler

President of Diane Nagler Public Relations

"GG introduced my family to the coolest products. Not only is she really great at her job, she is a lovely person too."

Naomi and Jason Priestley

"As a former Associate Producer for The Oprah Winfrey Show, I had never met a person as persistent as GG Benitez, while not crossing the line of being annoying!"

HLN, Producer

The Oprah Winfrey Show, & former Associate Producer

"GG is one of my favorite people to work with period! She is creative, aggressive, extremely energetic and always professional. She's also extremely savvy and always thinking out of the box. But best of all, GG gets it!! She knows what makes good TV! She know how to work with Executive Producers and show producers to create timely, stunning and visually stimulating on air segments that showcase her clients. To say it's a pleasure to work with GG is such an understatement. She makes the entire experience from the initial pitch to the interview exciting and fun, and I would work with her again in a heartbeat because I know what I'll get -- excellence with a little bit of sass!!"

Janye McClinton

Executive Producer

"GG is a pleasure to work with. Not only does she understand how to pitch her clients, but she's great at coming up with story angles that make my job easier. I always enjoy any interaction with her. She's truly a dedicated professional who works tirelessly for her clients."

Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

Former Style Editor, "Moms & Babies" at People.com

"In need of quick results and outreach ability, GG Benitez stepped in at the right time. Armed with the desire to serve and the ability to do so, she amazes us all the time. GG has jump started our goals to spread our mission and efforts of Friends of Scott Foundation Friends to Children with Cancer across the nation, and we cannot wait to hear what she has in store for us next. Her work has made a direct impact to the foundation and even to our kids and families we serve at our Annual Unforgettable Prom."

Carmen Delgadillo

Founder of Friends of Scott Foundation