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Philanthropy Daniella Benitez

A North County girl is an inspiration in two countries after she was moved to help a needy family across the border in Mexico. Daniella Benitez raised $16,000 all on her own to help build a new home for a family.

"It was so special to see their reaction from going from nothing to this beautiful home with a kitchen, water and it was very special", said Benitez. Last year, Benitez’s Carmel Valley private school, Notre Dame Academy, partnered with the non-profit Build a Miracle (BAM). Their goal was to raise $16,000 to build one home for a family who lived in a shack with no running water and a leaky roof. All on her own, with no help from mom and dad, the eighth grader reached out to friends, started a GoFundMe, held bake sales and lemonade stands, and babysat to raise the money.

The CW, San Diego

How 2 kids are building a better future for families in need.