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GG Benitez is one of the PR industry’s leading independent publicists with full-service capabilities. She is renowned for her expertise in delivering buzz-building campaigns that elevate products and services into premier brands. As a seasoned public relations strategist, she helps clients realize their full business potential while supporting their vision and goals.

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Testimonials The GGB PR Experience

"In need of quick results and outreach ability, GG Benitez stepped in at the right time. Armed with the desire to serve and the ability to do so, she amazes us all the time. GG has jump started our goals to spread our mission and efforts of Friends of Scott Foundation Friends to Children with Cancer across the nation, and we cannot wait to hear what she has in store for us next. Her work has made a direct impact to the foundation and even to our kids and families we serve at our Annual Unforgettable Prom."

Carmen Delgadillo

Founder of Friends of Scott Foundation

"GG is always on top of it all, she always answers emails quickly which is a MUST in my line of work and she is very open and honest about what type of results you can expect to see from the get-go. Not only that, but GG is a wonderful woman, sincere and a pleasure to do business with! With GG's help, I was able to gain National TV coverage within our first two months of working together! GG's knowledge of the business and her personal contacts in the industry have definitely helped Freebies2Deals.com grow and gain a larger audience. GG has a passion for PR like no one else and will definitely get you the exposure you are looking for!"

Melea Johnson

Owner of Freebies2Deals.com

"GG is a true pleasure to work with. Her warm spirit and passion for helping others in crisis is one of her greatest assets. GG is not only gracious and kind but she is always professional. My family and I will be forever grateful for her expertise and advice."

Phaedra Parks

Attorney to the Stars & RHOA

"As a blogger I have worked with GG when she has contacted me on behalf of her clients. As a manufacturer, I have admired her dedication, determination, and professionalism when representing those clients. It can be hard for brands to know how well their PR is really doing. After all, they are not on the receiving end of the press releases and pitches. It's illuminating to be in a position of being pitched. I can honestly say there are only a handful of PR people I would recommend. Some of GG's attributes that I admire: she is always positive; she always follows up; she makes good on her promises; she never gives up, but is not annoying; and she is always there with the info you need when you need it. If you are looking for a PR rep to get results, GG is a great choice. I'd hire her myself if it was in my budget. In the meantime, her pitches always get heard because I know I can count on her not to waste my time and to follow up with whatever I need to get the story out."

Ciaran Blumenfeld

Blogger & Mompreneur

"GG Benitez is professional yet really fun, a very hard worker yet hilariously funny, calmly relaxed yet super productive. She's a rare combo of unique skills and talents. If that weren't enough, she passionately loves her job, genuinely cares about her clients, and makes us feel excited about our growing business each time we speak. If you get the chance to work with GG, in any capacity, take it, you're lucky."

Debbie Zinman

Co-Founder of ECHOage.com

"I have known GG for more than 7 years, and we have worked together on numerous projects , including utilizing her firm for PR services.GG's professionalism and follow through are unparalleled. Integrity and loyalty are very important in business, and that is something that she and I equally value. GG is what I like to refer to as 'lit from within,' which is a very rare quality. You will love her!!!"

Tracey Martin

Designer and Lifestyle Coach, Rebirth Style & Tracey Style

"GG is a powerhouse PR gal. She has fantastic connections and tirelessly works to get results. I have never encountered a PR person with a better combination of chutzpah, charm, and can-do energy. In additional to all that, she is incredibly responsive - which is always appreciated."

Dabney Lawless

VP of Communications at Nextdoor

"As a former Associate Producer for The Oprah Winfrey Show, I had never met a person as persistent as GG Benitez, while not crossing the line of being annoying!"

HLN, Producer

The Oprah Winfrey Show, & former Associate Producer

"GG Benitez is one of the most thoughtful publicists I know. She is so good at her job because she takes her relationships very seriously and loves to connect people in her life in just the right way. She is also just a great person and friend."

Natalie Morales

Today Anchor & Access Hollywood Host

"GG is one of the most persistent, dedicated, and hard-working individuals I know. We are incredibly fortunate to have her as part of our team."

Jonathan Hartley

Carousel Designs

"GG is a woman who makes things happen. I have never met someone with more producer endorsements, connections and drive. What makes her unique though is that she gets excited by what she is doing because she works with clients she believes in and that’s the best way to be authentic. She is powerhouse who is determined to wow everyone in her path. You want GG on your team, trust me!"

Sharon Vinderine

Founder & CEO of PTPA Media Inc., Global Morning Show Contributor, Huffington Post Blogger, & Morning Show Contributor on Fox & NBC.

"There's so much I could say about GG, from always being there and doing exactly what she says she can to always proving how honest and loyal she is, which means more to me than any great connection she has. My family and I appreciate GG and hope to continue working together in the future."

Jessica Hall

TV/Radio Personality, Entrepreneur & Blogger

Our Services Tailored to Your Needs

Strategic Planning & Campaigns

Strategic Planning & Campaigns

Whether you’re launching your brand or a new offering, building a consumer following, or maintaining your presence in the press and consumer cultures, we develop targeted plans and campaigns to meet your specific needs and goals.

Media Relations

Media Relations

We identify the right members of the press community to best support your brand and goals, and nurture these relationships for consistent placement across national/local print, online/blog, and broadcast media.

Message Development, Press Kit Materials & PR Communications

Message Development, Press Kit Materials & PR Communications

We help you clearly define branding and key message points, and deliver memorable and consistent copy to the press, celebrity, and consumer communities.

Celebrity & Influencer Seeding Campaigns

Celebrity & Influencer Seeding Campaigns

We forge authentic connections between your brand and today’s celebrities and influencers, and work with them on specific campaigns to share your products or news with their respective communities and the media.

Case Studies Our Results

Whether our clients have a specific business objective or they are faced with a unique challenge, we develop actionable plans that translate into tangible results. Visit our Case Studies gallery to see how we helped them overcome obstacles and meet their goals.

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