Our Process

The Public Relations process isn’t always easy to understand, and there are many different facets to its practice. Simply put, we are advocates for our clients, mediating between our clients and media, celebrity, and consumer audiences to communicate messaging, as well as enhance awareness and exposure.

To help clarify how our process works, here are a few frequently asked questions:

What Is The Difference Between PR & Advertising?

Advertising means your company pays for media space, and maintains creative control in the messaging, appearance, and publish date.

Public relations involves working consistently to secure news-generated exposure that is pitched to the editorial press community, and the media outlet maintains control. Our PR practice is to create messaging and pitching platforms to interest, negotiate, and secure (unpaid) editorial placements where your brand, product, or service is deemed fit for inclusion within the context of the coverage.

What Makes A Placement Valuable?

There are different types of placements for various goals. Some placements communicate a message, some enforce brand positioning, some build consumer trust, and some help maintain visibility. A valuable placement is one that supports your goal for media exposure and contributes positively to the whole of your company.

What Metrics Can Be Used To Measure Results?

PR success can’t be qualified by a direct dollar-for-dollar ROI. Our analytics focus on the quantity and quality of media placements, as well as the achievement of set goals. PR is one piece of a puzzle that works hand-in-hand with sales, customer service, production, advertising, and other divisions of your company when determining overall ROI.

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How Much Time Needs To Be Invested Into A Successful PR Campaign?

There are different kinds of placements to fulfill different goals – some build brand positioning and consumer trust, some influence sales. A valuable placement is one that supports your goals for media exposure and contributes positively to the whole of your company.

We hope that is answers some of your questions about the public relations process. If you have more questions, ask GG by sending her a message right here!


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