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Daniella raises money to build home for Tijuana family

May 8, 2018

Is this really happening? I feel like I’m in shock and haven’t completely absorbed this week! What started as a school trip with Notre Dame Academy to build a home last year in Mexico with Build A Miracle, became an awakening inside of my daughter’s heart, leading to her heading up the building of a home this year, having enlisted her family and friends, coordinating it from start to finish without ANY pushing NOR any help from my husband nor myself, into a week of emotional interviews (The Del Mar Times, Good Morning America, CW News San Diego, CBS 8 News San Diego, and then HLN with Michaela Pereira) sharing her journey, her desire to continue having charity be part of her life, and hopefully inspiring others to join in on her campaign to help others.

We are overwhelmed by the beautiful messages, calls to volunteer, media attention, all helping to bring awareness to the significant work that BAM does, and showing that even a 12 year old (now, 13) little human can inspire an entire community to donate time, money, and hearts to completely positively change people’s lives. I feel like my work as a mom is mostly complete: from the moment my eldest daughter Alexis Jammo, could communicate, I instilled in her "the most important part of a person is their heart", and now I have another daughter being praised for her heart! On the drive home from LA, my 12 year old son Gabriel said, "WOW! All of this because Daniella built a home? I want to head up building my own home, too!" Positive reinforcement in my own family! Daniella NEVER started any of this wanting attention, but she sure is handing it well. I’m beyond proud, in case you couldn’t tell from my overly expressive face on GMA! Thank you to every single person who has donated time and money. Thank you to NDA and Coach Petro for introducing my family to BAM.

Thank you to the producers and writers for being interested and sharing this story so beautifully. Thank you to BAM for what you do every single day for the past 20 years!


The Benitez Euro Adventures 2017 Part 3 – Croatia

25 July, 2018

Every trip forever changes me, as only fellow travelers can appreciate. Every sense is engaged. Dreams come true. More dreams are created. Bonds are made stronger. New bonds are formed. Memories are imprinted in our hearts and minds that we will treasure for eternity, no matter how much we had already seen before. I do not take one single bit of these adventures with my family for granted, and I s...

Meet GG Benitez of GG Benitez & Assoc. Public Relations in San Diego

22 May, 2018

My plan was to become an attorney. I did well in school growing up, and I always loved the art of debate, persuading people to agree with my angle of any situation. However, coming from a strict Middle Eastern family, I was set up to be married just after completing my freshman year at UCSD, and became pregnant with my first child just a few months later. I still stayed in school full time, while ...