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Case Study: Avery Brand Launch


Avery, a leading manufacturer of printable labels and cards, wanted to educate consumers on its Design & Print Online tool for free printable templates for labels, cards and tags, and create consumer awareness and excitement for the product line’s many lifestyle uses, beyond mailing and business solutions. Finding challenge in widening consumer brand perception to include lifestyle uses, Avery turned to GG Benitez & Associates PR to execute a targeted campaign to create expanded consumer knowledge and demand on a national level.

To achieve this goal, GG Benitez & Associates PR implemented a national media campaign for existing designs and upcoming launches, coupled with celebrity seeding, to communicate the many lifestyle uses for Avery products and the ease to customize projects through the Design & Print online tool.


  • Created a timeline of pitching platforms for lifestyle areas that would best showcase the products and templates, including Halloween, Hello Kitty design partnership, Holiday 2017, and Valentine’s Day, and focused on specific DIY projects to pitch
  • Pitched Avery Design & Print online products, templates and DIY projects to print, broadcast, and online media channels for inclusion in coverage related to concepts including personalizing seasonal/holiday, birthdays, baby showers, weddings, lifestyle organization, and other key areas of interest
  • Launched and leveraged the Hello Kitty design partnership, using the pop-culture icon to appeal to consumers of all ages
  • Seeded a strategic group of celebrities with substantial social media fans and seeded them with personalized Avery products for them and their children, encouraging them to share their Avery projects via social media channels to drive viral buzz
  • Solicited a targeted group of bloggers and SMIs and supplied them with materials to create their own DIY projects using Avery templates, and then share their creations via social media posts and testimonials
  • Utilized celebrity testimonials for pitching support for national consumer and celebrity media to secure features and product placement on Avery
  • Negotiated Avery’s brand presence and customized products in celebrity-studded events such as kids birthday parties and baby showers, and leveraged photos and testimonials for media pitching


Secured widespread traditional and social media attention on behalf of Avery Design & Print Online, including:

  • Placed Avery Design & Print Online in top-tier print, broadcast, and online media including, but not limited to and multiple times: People Magazine,,,,,,,,, USA, Good Housekeeping (Executive Editor social post), Working Mother, and more
  • Leveraged social media accounts of celebrities who endorsed Avery Design & Print Online, including: Alyssa Milano, Jamie Lynn Spears, Garcelle Beauvais, Trista Sutter, Laila Ali, Marla Sokoloff, Christy Carlson Romano, Molly Mesnick, Samantha Harris, DeAnna Pappas Stagliano, Naomi Priestley, Brooke Anderson, Amy Davidson, and Courtney Lopez, reaching a total community of fans and followers in the millions

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