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Stratpharma Celebrity Seeding


Stratamed and Strataderm by Stratapharma are two groundbreaking, first-to-market products for wound and scar care. The company found it challenging to find opportunity in the general consumer sector.

When The Voice singer Meghan Linsey suffered a poisonous spider bite, a GGBPR associate who represents the brand, proactively seized the opportunity to seed Meghan with the Stratpharma products, allowing GGBPR to then parlay this into media placement to generate consumer awareness and education. The media push subsequently went viral.


  • Upon Meghan Linsey’s internet post about her spider bite, made the immediate connection between wound care and the benefits of Stratamed, and facilitated prompt outreach to the celebrity
  • Prepared a package that included product and strategic educational points regarding the product Stratamed to treat her wound
  • Liaised with Meghan Linsey’s publicist to discuss co-pushing a strategic media plan to pitch the story of her spider bite and recovery to celebrity-focused press, with inclusion of Stratamed and chronicling her recovery
  • Initiated dialogue with People Magazine to break the story, and negotiated an exclusive celebrity interview for Meghan Linsey
  • Post-break, tracked the article’s reach a viral shares to gauge success
  • Initiated phase 2 of wound care by providing Meghan Linsey with Strataderm for scar care, including product and strategic educational messaging
  • Developed a traditional and social media plan to execute phase 2 and sustain media interest


  • Successfully engaged Meghan Linsey for Stratpharma testimonials and negotiated her organic participation in a media outreach campaign
  • Secured media placement in People, which yielded 462,000 page views
  • Secured substantial and multiple viral drive with placements including Stratamed mention and/or Meghan Linsey’s ordeal, in a cross section of print, online and broadcast media, as well as social media platforms, including but not limited to:
  • Achieved a total reach across all media platforms in the millions and continues to grow to date


"I'm so thankful that a Stratpharma representative had heard about my spider bite ordeal and thought to send me their advanced wound care products to help me. These treatments have been instrumental in saving the integrity of my skin, and making me feel comfortable enough go back to making my public appearances. Through GG Benitez’s PR strategic efforts, I have been able to educate others about this miracle product!"

- Meghan Linsey,
Country Music Artist

"I am so pleased that Stratamed’s film forming wound dressing helped Meghan Linsey to overcome a severe brown recluse spider bite. Our medical devices have broad applications for a variety of open wounds and scars, and we are thankful that GG Benitez and her firm are able to help us educate the health care community and patients."

- James Kone Jr.,
Executive Vice President of Sales & Business Development, Stratpharma Inc. USA.

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