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DOM Family Brands, a multi-brand company for nursery furniture, gear, and safety products, was poised to add the new brand, évolur, under its umbrella. DOM’s goals were to gain traditional and social media placement, command the attention of Millennials through social media, and distinguish évolur from the other competing brands,

GGBPR was tasked with generating buzz surrounding the brand launch, sustaining media exposure and interest post-launch, and positioning évolur as the must-have nursery furniture brand to target parenting generations including Millennials.


  • Developed a strategic media plan with traditional and social pitching platforms that communicated évolur’s launch, style, features, and brand differentiators including quality, convertibility, versatility, longevity, and affordability.
  • Managed the brand launch at ABC Kids Expo industry show, including dedicated press materials, media appointment management, and post-show follow-up, as well as orchestrated a Twitter party at the booth with secured celebrities Jenn Brown and Renée Herlocker to create on-site and viral buzz.
  • Created a celebrity seeding campaign for select expecting celebrities and leveraged nursery design services and product in exchange for media reveals and placement in top-tier print and online publications
  • Negotiated exclusive celebrity interviews and video nursery tours for évolur’s branded blog, as well as social media reciprocity
  • Forged relationships with social media influencers and bloggers who appeal to target parents including Millennials for community engagement and giveaways
  • Negotiated a partnership and created a social media playbook for one of today’s relevant Millennial celebrities expecting twins
  • Identified broadcast opportunities with a parenting focus and the biggest ROI in exchange for product, and pitched évolur for inclusion
  • Negotiated participation for évolur in high-profile events such as Mom Trends NYC and Baby Palooza for experiential introductions to top-tier bloggers and media in the parenting community
  • Positioned évolur as an authority in children’s nursery style and safety to build trust with target consumers by seeding thought leadership quotes into all media pitches and communications
  • Invited local press and social media to visit the NJ showroom to forge a personal connection with the brand


"GGBPR is an amazing agency that provides personalized services designed specifically for brand/product success. With exceptional experience with celebrity and media campaigns, they have the edge needed to increase visibility, create following, and take clients to the next level. With their expertise, DOM Family has experienced success in a very short duration. The task at hand was huge, with a lot of moving parts, and GG was able to understand the challenges and work around chaos to provide strategy and execute on multiple programs, simultaneously and seamlessly - like a well-orchestrated symphony in action. The agency was tested multiple times and has always delivered. Having worked with multiple PR firms in the past, none have come close to the passion, speed, enthusiasm and rigor with which GGBPR operates.

If you are looking for a PR agency to handle traditional and new age media relations, digital outreach to blogs and social “mom/parenting” communities, implement strategies without oversight, and operate within budget, look no further than GG. This firm has what it takes to make your company more successful in today’s consumer culture. "

Avish Dahiya, DOM Family Brands, featuring evolur Chief Marketing & Technology Officer


  • Successfully launched évolur and commanded the attention gained the attention of national and regional/local traditional and social media, and celebrities
  • Helped secure prominent broadcast coverage including: Ellen DeGeneres’ Ellen TV Mother’s Day Giveaway Show (5/6/2016)
  • Secured visible and valuable celebrity relationships for testimonials including: Amy Davidson, Christine Lakin, DeAnna Pappas Stagliano, and Jenn Brown
  • Secured high-profile media coverage in print and online publications including: People, Celebrity, E Online, Project Nursery (editorial), Parents, and Hot Moms
  • Secured exclusive interviews and blog content for the brand from celebrities including: Amy Davidson and Christine Lakin, as well as celebrity features including: Jenn Brown in Celebrity and Project
  • Secured consistent, symbiotic social media chronicles and shares with influencers such as Project Nursery and with celebrities such as Robbie E
  • Secured a turnout of local media for showroom appointments with ensuing social media and press activity

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